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Glenn Nicholls Counselling & Psychotherapy in Cambridge & London


I studied theology at Westminster College, Oxford and then trained as a teacher at Hughes Hall College, Cambridge. I've taught 5 to 18 year olds in mainstream and specialist education including teaching SEN; young people permanently excluded from school; and also children on the autistic spectrum. Whilst working part-time as a teacher I trained as an integrative psychotherapist at The Whittington Hospital (NHS Trust) in London. Part of my training involved working with out-patients with complex mental health issues.

'...every great philosophy up till now has consisted of - namely, the confession of its originator, and a species of involuntary and unconscious autobiography'

Friedrich Nietzsche


The integrative approach gave me training in Existential, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Object Relations, Transactional Analysis and Transpersonal perspectives. My training took several years and provided a rigorous and in-depth grounding, it's intention was not for me to chose one or more school of thought, rather its aim was to facilitate an 'after-school' way of thinking. I benefit from not having collegial or theoretical affiliations and commitments, in other words I haven't already decided what I think about someone before I've got to know them. My training encouraged a critical stance toward theory; a self-reflexive stance toward my thinking, how I work, and how to offer genuine personal engagement in the therapeutic relationship.

I have an holistic approach to my own mental and physical health which in turn informs how I work. I've long had an interest in the philosopher and psychologist Friedrich Nietzsche. His writing has had a significant influence in my life and to my psychotherapeutic work; this has underpinned my long held view that I approach each of them the same - so far this has been to the betterment of both. Recently I've begun to describe my use of Nietzsche's ideas in various writing projects. To read more www.nietzscheanpsychotherapist.com

'We are poor indeed if we are only sane.'

Donald Winnicott


  • NHS Psychotherapist for 4 years working with outpatients with complex mental health issues
  • Tutor for 4 years on the Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling at the University of Cambridge
  • Psychotherapist and executive coach for 8 years at The Grove Practice, Wimpole St, London W1
  • Lead Tutor since 2011 for the Diploma in Integrative Supervision of Individuals and Groups at The Grove
  • Supervisor for Asian and African clergy training as counsellors
  • Training London Fire Brigade employees in Leadership Coaching
  • Summer school counsellor and teacher in Crimea
  • Trauma counsellor at Transport for London
  • Set up and led a Couples & Intimate Systems course in Cambridge
  • Principle Tutor and founding member of the first Gestalt and Integrative Psychotherapy training in Budapest
  • Trainer and supervisor of volunteers working with homeless people
  • Student counsellor at Greenwich Maritime
  • Visiting lecturer at Greenwich Maritime and Brighton Universities


  • Foundation Year in Group Analysis at Cambridge Group Work (a constituent of The IGA)
  • PG Dip. Organisational Development and Executive Coaching at The Grove Practice Ltd
  • PG Cert. Supervision at Leeds Psychotherapy Training Institute
  • PG Dip. Couples and Intimate Systems with Dr Joseph Zinker (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland)
  • PG. Dip. Working with the Soul - Transpersonal Perspectives (The Whittington)
  • PG Dip. Post-Qualifying Intensive in Gestalt & Object Relations (The Whittington)
  • PG Dip. Integrative Psychotherapy at The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, North London

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